recessional and departmental ditties/leather back/The Gift Of The Sea. not ever been cut,pages are perfect but never indulviaul to read/ L`Envoi.perfect print never cut for reading/The Betrothed. also never been seperated pages,print perfect/pages 45-52,1

author first book RudyardKipling    SECOND book author Imitation of Christ Thomas A. Kempis  front page addressed to Alvin,RDS 12/25/92 dated as a gift/front cover Woodrow Wilson On The Bible news paper clipping  the white house washington dc,old but good print. Books give to me 1970`s   call 417370 1469  or 417 393 0788 anytime email   OR  anytime, some times don`t hear try again!!  connie

old books

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